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Singt deutsche Grammatik

Sing German grammar! is a unique teaching aid for learning German grammar and also realia (states, etc.) through memory technology in the form of engaging song, music, rhyme, rhymes and structures. A fun, stimulating and well-proven and yet extremely modern material. No less than 22 wonderful songs. Very good new version 2010. Varied vocals, superb instrumentation.

- Something that I still really know perfectly in German, is what I learned through the grammar songs, says a former pupil

- I have absolutely no singing voice, but learning the grammar through music is still great fun, a student says.

- Singt deutsche Grammatik is an always functioning, varied element in the teaching. Your songs have saved me, says an experienced teacher.

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Gramamúsicais a motivational and effective teaching aid for learning Spanish grammatical patterns with the help of catchy melodies, songs, rhymes and rhymes. A new teaching aid that includes 22 songs on a CD and the lyrics in Spanish and in Swedish translation. The song is well suited for the purpose and is performed to first-class, varied accompaniment.

Gramamúsica is probably at the forefront of the world in the field of memory technology in language teaching.

- Las canciones funcionan muy bien, los alumnos reponden de maravilla, a Spanish-born teacher writes in an e-mail.

- I remember the melody and then I know the grammar as well, the students usually say.

- I do not teach Spanish, but I congratulate the Spanish teachers and their students for a fantastic teaching aid, says a language teacher on the phone.

More information and preview from the CD.

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